Peel Off Liquid Lip Tint (6 Pack)

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Say goodbye to messy lipstick to deal with during the day. Apply this peel off lip stain and enjoy a color on your lips without thce thick glop!
  • Comes With 6 Piece Color Kit
  • Peach Pink, Rose Red, Cherry Red, Sexy Red, Sweet Orange, Watermelon Red
  • Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Gloss
  • Strong Capacity To Hold Color
  • Natural Effect


How to Apply:

1. Apply around the area of your lips as desired.
2. Let it dry on your lips for about 5 to 10 minutes, avoid touching or letting lips rubbed together
3. After letting it dry for approx 5-10 minutes, slowly begin to peel it off to reveal the color on your lips.
4. For great results finish with a lip gloss or lip balm

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